Can You Get a Perfect Score on This “Bewitched” Quiz Without Using Magic?

By: Katie Ormsby

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Audiences have been "Bewitched" by Samantha Stephens since 1964. For eight seasons, she tries to keep her nosy neighbors and husband's co-workers from discovering she's a witch. See if you remember the magical series well enough to ace this quiz.

What nickname does Endora call Darrin?

It would be an understatement to say that Endora doesn't like her son-in-law. Instead of calling him by his name, she has a variety of insulting nicknames, including Derwood, Darwin and Dum-Dum.


Which advertising firm does Darrin work for?

Larry Tate is both Darrin's boss and his best friend. He often invites clients over to the Stephens residence for dinner and drinks. Naturally, magical mishaps tend to wreak havoc on these occasions.


Samantha has a lookalike cousin. What's her name?

Elizabeth Montgomery plays both Samantha and Serena, her wild-child cousin. Samantha's hippie counterpart has a birthmark that changes into different shapes, including a heart, peace sign and music note.


Which of Samantha's kids have magical abilities?

Tabitha exhibits magical abilities early, but Adam is initially thought to be a mortal. It isn't until the final season that he finally uses witchcraft. Though in "Tabitha," the spinoff series, Adam is a mortal.


What happens when Samantha is exposed to a black Peruvian rose?

While touring a greenhouse in "Take Two Aspirins and Half a Pint of Porpoise Milk," Samantha is exposed to a black Peruvian rose. Like any witch, her skin breaks out with spots and she starts to lose her powers.


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