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Sorry, "Twilight" fans ..."Bewitched" did it first. Sure, readers may have gone crazy for the steamy relationship between the mortal Bella and her vampire boyfriend Edward in the '00s, but Stephenie Meyer's bestselling series was far from the first successful example of a human falling for someone supernatural. You just have to go back to the '60s and "Bewitched," which focused on the challenges of a marriage between a normal human male and an ageless witch named Samantha. Sure, there weren't any wolves — sorry, Team Jacob — but "Bewitched" had enough magic and cross-species drama for any TV fan of the era.

In fact, this show that seems so light and innocent when watched through the lens of 21st-century reruns was surprisingly revolutionary when it first aired. Keep in mind that "Bewitched" hit the air just a couple of years after "Leave It to Beaver" and "The Donna Reed Show" had ended, so TV viewers were accustomed to seeing sitcom moms as supporting characters who spent most of their time taking care of the home and kids. Then came "Bewitched," where watching only a single episode was all it took to understand that Samantha was so much more than a wife and mother. She had a whole separate identity thanks to her magical talents, which totally put a new spin on the sitcom housewife tropes of the time. 

Consider yourself a true fan of this magical series? Test your "Bewitched" IQ with this quiz!

"Bewitched" pitted witch Samantha Stephens against her human husband. What technique did Samantha use to make magic happen?

A simple twitch of the nose was all it took for Samantha Stephens to make magic happen. There wasn't an episode of "Bewitched" that went by without a rabbit-like wiggle of Sam's nose, often resulting in trouble for her mortal hubby.


Do you remember how many kids Samantha and her husband had on the series?

The Stephens produced two magical offspring. There was a witch named Tabitha, introduced in season two, and a handsome young warlock named Adam, who was born during season six. Interestingly enough, the actress who played Sam got to pick the name for her onscreen "daughter," but producers misspelled it as "Tabatha" for a few seasons until Montgomery was able to straighten things out.


Agnes Moorehead stole the screen in the role of Samantha's mother, but can you recall her name?

Samantha's mother Endora was a powerful witch in her own right. Unfortunately, she was not a big fan of her son-in-law, often referring to him by made-up names like Dum-Dum and Darwin.


Samantha's mother could never remember the name of her son-in-law, but can you?

The hapless Darrin Stephens got much more than he bargained for when he married a witch in the pilot episode of "Bewitched." His bride never struggled with his name, but her mom sure did, referring to him as Darrin only a handful of times throughout the show's entire run.


Without using magic, can you tell us what Samantha's hubby does for a living?

Darrin Stephens was one of the original Mad Men, creating ads on Madison Avenue. While the show never specified exactly where the family lived, Darrin's employer McMann and Tate had an office in Manhattan.


One of the main characters was recast midway through the series. Know which one?

When "Bewitched" premiered, Dick York starred as Samantha's husband Darrin. After resigning from the cast in season five due to a serious back injury, York was replaced by Dick Sargent.


Do you remember the name of Samantha's lookalike cousin?

One of the top recurring characters on "Bewitched" was Samantha's cousin Serena. The total opposite of her blonde cousin in appearance and behavior, she was played by the same actress under the stage name Pandora Spocks.


Darrin's boss is one of his best pals and one of the show's major characters, but do you remember his name?

As an employee of McMann and Tate, Darrin and Samantha Stephens were close friends with Larry Tate himself. While Larry is quick to abandon any sense of pride in the name of business, he does stand up for his employees and his family when push comes to shove.


What is Gladys Kravitz's biggest mission in life?

Sandra Gould plays stereotypical nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz on "Bewitched." She often spots Samantha behaving oddly and is determined to catch her in the act of spell casting and prove to her hubby Abner that Sam is a witch.


Do you remember who Phyllis is?

While Sam's mom is a witch like her daughter, Darrin's mother Phyllis Stephens in a mere mortal like her son. Throughout the series run, she is unaware that Samantha has special powers, but often claims to have a "sick headache" when she spots something mysterious going on.


Name the gorgeous actress cast in the role of Samantha on "Bewitched."

Before landing the leading role on "Bewitched," Elizabeth Montgomery appeared in hundreds of television guest spots. After "Bewitched" ended its run, she tackled the role of Lizzie Borden in a movie and made countless appearances on the game show "Password."


Something magic happened when the Stephen's maid got overly anxious. What was it?

The Stephens had a magical maid named Esmeralda whose spell-casting skills left something to be desired. She tended to make crazy things happened when she sneezed, and anytime she got too nervous, she would begin to disappear.


Who did the characters on "Bewitched" call to come right away during an emergency?

If you watched enough "Bewitched," you would definitely hear someone utter the phrase, "Calling Dr. Bombay, Calling Dr. Bombay, Emergency, Come right away!" Saying these words aloud summoned a witch doctor, who would appear out of nowhere to save the day, often with the help of a beautiful female nurse.


Marion Lorne played Samantha's Aunt Clara. Can you recall her favorite collectible?

Aunt Clara was a bit of a disaster in terms of witchcraft, but she was one of the only members of Samantha's family who was actually nice to Darrin. The character collected doorknobs, which was inspired by the real doorknob collection owned by the actress who played her.


Samantha's father wasn't exactly a fan of her husband. Think you can recall her dad's name?

It was no secret that Samantha's mother Endora wasn't much of a fan of her son-in-law, but her husband Maurice liked him even less. In fact, upon first meeting Sam's hubby, Maurice quickly cast a spell that disintegrated Darrin until Endora forced the warlock to reassemble him.


Paul Lynde first appeared as Sam's driving instructor before landing a recurring role on "Bewitched" beginning in season two. Know which one?

Samantha's Uncle Arthur showed up often throughout the run of the series, often with a prank or practical joke in his pocket. Paul Lynde, who played Uncle Arthur, first appeared in a season one episode as a random driving instructor before he landed his recurring role.


What is Samantha doing when nosy Gladys Kravitz finally catches her doing magic?

Almost every episode in the early seasons of "Bewitched" featured an appearance by neighbor Gladys Kravitz, who was determined to prove that Samantha was a witch. Her opportunity came near the end of season one, when she finally caught Sam using magic to open her garage door.


Charlie Leach appeared several times during the series. What was his role?

Charlies Leach was a private investigator hired by a client of Darrin's firm McMann and Tate. Leach eventually discovers Samantha's secret and tries to use the information to blackmail her to make a profit.


Know what event sparked the first of many appearances by Samantha's lookalike cousin Serena?

Samantha's cousin Serena was a major recurring character on "Bewitched." She first shows up at the hospital where Samantha is giving birth to Tabitha in season two. When Darrin spots his wife's near doppelganger at the hospital, he's so confused that he wonders if Serena could actually be his newborn daughter, but all grown up thanks to her magical heritage.


Which kite-flying historical figure starred in a memorable two-episode story line in '66?

To deal with a broke lamp, Aunt Clara brings Ben Franklin back from the dead, where he ends up on trial for stealing a firetruck. The part was played by actor Fred Wayne, an actor who made an entire career out of playing Franklin on stage and screen.


Tabitha was a witch like her mother, but how did she typically cast a spell?

Just like mom, Tabitha could unleash her magic with a simple twitch of her nose. She memorably uses her powers by accident in season five when she turns a preschool classmate into a butterfly.


Uncontrolled witchcraft could pose some real problems for the world. What group kept magical beings in check on "Bewitched"?

Just like the Ministry of Magic kept order in the Harry Potter series in the 21st century, the Witches Council kept things running smoothly on "Bewitched" in the '60s. This group of eight witches and warlocks made sure Samantha followed all the rules and even threatened to take away her magic when she married a mortal.


Where do witches go for potions, poisons or eye of newt?

On "Bewitched," Samantha often had to run down and see Mr. Apothecary, played by Bernie Kopell, when she needed a potion or some kind of magical ingredient. The most devoted fans might know that his simple shop was officially called Postlethwaite's Potent Potions.


Even married couples can find new things to discover about one another, but do you remember when Darrin discovered his wife's witchy ways?

Talk about keeping secrets! On "Bewitched," Samantha doesn't reveal to Darrin that she's a little supernatural until their wedding night. Despite his shock, Darrin loves his new wife so much that he's willing to stick it out as long as Sam promises to start living like a mortal.


This facial feature makes it easy for viewers to distinguish Samantha from her cousin Serena.

Samantha and Serena sure look a lot alike, which makes sense, considering they were played by the same actress. To tell them apart, viewers often had to check for the beauty mark under Serena's left eye. It changed with every episode, sometimes taking the shape of a heart, music note, peace sign or anchor.


What job is Mary the Good Fairy responsible for?

Mary the Good Fairy serves in the role of Tooth Fairy in the "Bewitched" universe. In one season seven appearance, she drinks a little too much brandy, forcing Samantha to take on her tooth collecting duties for the evening.


Can you remember how Sheila Summers is related to the Stephens?

Darrin was dating Sheila Summers but broke up with her when he met Sam. Sheila shows up several times throughout the series, trying to win Darrin back and forcing Samantha to use her magic to keep her man.


Season six opens with an unforgettable episode where Tabitha enters a classic storybook after learning she is to have a sibling. Name this tale.

When she learns she will soon have a sibling, Tabitha runs away to enter the world of "Jack and the Beanstalk," leaving Jack to taker her place on Earth. Sam uses her magic to enter the story and switch the kids back.


Which President was "Zapped Here" in a two-part season eight episode?

The Stephens' maid accidentally brings George Washington back to life in a two-episode story arc in season eight. The former President is arrested for public speaking and ends up going to try to protect his constitutional right to free speech.


Season eight opens with a family trip to Europe. What historical figure does Samantha end up marrying in a bout of witchcraft gone wrong?

A tangle with an evil witch at the Tower of London gets Samantha sent back to jolly old England, where she nearly ends up betrothed to Henry VIII. It's up to Darrin to travel into the past to save his bride before she loses her head.


The first half of season seven is set in a city known for its history of witch hysteria. Can you name it?

Season seven found the Stephens family relocating from the NYC suburbs to Salem, Massachusetts. While there, Samantha attends a witches meeting and is told she can no longer be seen in public with her human husband. The council changes their mind after a trial and Samantha is free to return to her life back home.


Which of these items stalks Samantha during her time in Salem?

Samantha is chased around Salem, MA for several episodes during season seven by an antique bed warmer. Turns out, her cousin Serena turned a warlock into the bed warmer centuries earlier, and the trapped warlock was more than ready to return to human form.


Mr. Whipple begged shoppers to not squeeze the Charmin, but he appeared in a dozen episodes of "Bewitched" in the role of a ...?

Dick Wilson, who starred as Mr. Whipple on a series of commercials for Charmin toilet paper in the '60s, '70s and '80s, had a recurring minor role on "Bewitched." He showed up more than a dozen times on the series playing a random drunk or vagrant!


The actress who played Samantha wore a piece of her own jewelry for the first 100 episodes or so. Can you remember what it was?

Look closely at Samantha's neck during any of the first 100 or so episodes of "Bewitched" and you'll likely spot a pave diamond heart necklace. The piece was a gift to actress Elizabeth Montgomery from her husband, and it became a trademark piece on Samantha Stephens during the run of the show.


Though ABC offered to renew the series, it ended in 1972. How many seasons did "Bewitched" run?

"Bewitched" was entertaining viewers on ABC for eight seasons from 1964 through 1972. While the network offered another season, producers declined, largely due to tension between star Elizabeth Montgomery and her husband, director Will Asher. The pair divorced soon after the show ended.


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