Can You Name These "Bewitched" Supporting Characters?

By: Katie Ormsby

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Of course, everyone loves Samantha and Endora, but "Bewitched" wouldn't be the same without these supporting characters. Let's see if you remember their names!

This nosy neighbor is always trying to prove Samatha's a witch. What's her name?

Gladys is very suspicious of Samantha and spends a great deal of time trying to catch her using witchcraft. She wants to convince Abner, her husband, that Samatha is a witch.


Can you name Samantha's aunt, whose magic always seems to go wrong?

Aunt Clara's magic never quite works correctly, but she's a sweet old lady and Samatha's favorite aunt. She memorably collects doorknobs.


What's the name of Samantha's uncle who loves practical jokes?

Samantha's mischievous Uncle Arthur, played by Paul Lynde, likes to play pranks and use magic in front of mortals.


Darrin's boss is a close family friend. What's his name?

Larry Tate is both Darrin's boss and his best friend. He often invites clients over to the Stephens residence for dinner and drinks. Magical mishaps usually ensue.


Crazy things happen when Samantha's maid sneezes. What's her name?

When Esmerelda sneezes, watch out — she probably conjured up something crazy by mistake, like a unicorn or elephant. Her magic is fading and unreliable.


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