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We have to talk about "unagi." Do you know what "unagi" really is? "Unagi" is the term for freshwater eel, a delicacy in the Japanese culture. Simple enough. But, do you remember the "Friends" episode with "unagi?" It had nothing to do with eel; instead, Ross described it as a term he had learned while taking karate, one that meant "a state of total awareness." So, let's go with Ross' definition for this quiz, shall we? We wish you the power of "unagi" as you tackle these true/false questions!

Despite the final "Friends" episode airing in 2004, we just can't get away from the gang: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey. Netflix gave us reruns on-demand for a while, but eventually "pivoted" in another direction. Yet, the hit from the 1990s just keeps on ticking ... and for good reason: There are so many great memories! How about the time that Joey put on all of Chandler's clothes to prove a point? What about the moment when we discovered that Rachel was pregnant? Can you remember back to the episode where Joey peed on Monica? (If you can't, there was a good reason, we promise!) 

Tackle these true/false questions with the same energy Phoebe put into her running. We've chosen 35 trivia facts we think the best "Friends" fans will know. Let's see what you've got!

Monica's grandmother used to live in Monica's apartment.

Did you ever wonder how Monica could afford such an elaborate New York City apartment? As the storyline goes, the apartment was her grandmother's. Monica lived there after her grandmother no longer did, using her grandmother's rent-controlled lease.


In the pilot, Rachel watches a rerun of Joanie and Chachi's wedding.

After running away from her wedding, a tearful Rachel watches the "Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi" characters get married in a rerun. "See! But Joanie loved Chachi! That's the difference," she exclaimed.


Joey dresses up as a priest to officiate Monica and Chandler's wedding.

In the episode "The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding," Joey is set to officiate the service ... dressed as a solider. Why? Because he had just come from a movie set!


Phoebe, the musician in the group, is known for playing the bongo drums.

Nope! Phoebe's musical instrument of choice is the guitar, which she uses to create music she describes in one episode as "acoustic folksy stuff." Some of Phoebe's most well-known tunes included "Double-Jointed Boy" and "Smelly Cat."


You always knew Janice was around when you heard her signature phrase: "Oh ... my ... God!"

Janice's signature phrase is one of the longest-running threads throughout the "Friend" series. A sometimes girlfriend of Chandler's, you'd always know Janice was around — sometimes before you'd see her — thanks to this quote.


Joey meets his hand twin in Las Vegas.

While in Las Vegas, Joey becomes convinced that Randall, a blackjack dealer, is his hand twin. He even thinks there's a huge market for the novelty and tries to recruit Randall to join him in showbiz. He didn't have any luck, though.


Ross is an anthropologist in the series.

Ross is actually a paleontologist in the series. Paleontologists study fossils while anthropologists are focused on studying humanity and human behaviors. Mostly, the friends think Ross plays with dinosaur bones all day.


Monica dances with a raw turkey on her head during a Thanksgiving episode.

In one of the show's most iconic Thanksgiving moments, Monica does dance with a raw turkey on her head. She does it as a way to cheer up Chandler and make up for accidentally cutting off his toe at a past Thanksgiving.


Ross dresses up as Santa at Christmas for Ben.

You'd think it would be Santa Claus, wouldn't you? But, that wouldn't be Ross. Instead, Ross dons the costume of an armadillo, a "holiday armadillo" to be exact, because Santa was unavailable.


In the series finale, Chandler and Monica move to Phoenix.

The series finale sees Monica and Chandler moving to a house with their twins in Westchester County, New York, not Phoenix. Hey, two babies require a bit more room to roam, don't they?


Rachel has one item in the kitchen that belongs to her, a bottle opener.

It's true that Rachel is not much of a kitchen guru. That's best left for Monica. But, after several years of living together, we discover that Rachel has only a lone bottle opener to her name among the myriad kitchen gadgets.


In one episode, Phoebe thought her mom had reincarnated as a dog.

Leave it to Phoebe! Of course, she thought her mom had reincarnated in another body, but it wasn't a dog. Instead, it was a cat. Wonder if "Smelly Cat" had anything to do with her beliefs?


Monkey was Ross and Rachel's daughter Emma's first word.

Emma's first word wasn't "monkey." In fact, it wasn't much of a word at all, but Rachel thought it was. Emma uttered something that sounded like, "Gleba," which we find out means "a fleshy spore-bearing inner mass of certain fungi."


After giving birth to Emma, Rachel gets engaged to Ross at the hospital.

Rachel and Joey are the ones who get engaged at the hospital — sort of ... Joey drops to the ground to recover the ring Ross has brought to the hospital and she mistakes it for a proposal.


After Monica's dad ruins her childhood possessions, he gives her a Porsche as a way of apologizing.

Believe it or not, Monica's dad DOES give her a Porsche as a way of apologizing for ruining her childhood possessions. Ross, of course, is notably annoyed, saying, "A couple of stupid boxes get wet and she gets a Porsche?!"


When the friends are trying to navigate a couch up the stairs, Ross yells "Turn!"

PIVOT! It's the single word that has spawned a slew of "Friends"-themed GIFs and memes. To us, it remains one of the most "pivot"-al scenes in "Friends" history. (See what we did there?)


It sounds weird, but Phoebe carries her stepdad's babies.

It still sounds weird, but it's Phoebe's brother's babies that she carried. She was a surrogate for Frank Jr., her half-brother, and his wife. After they're born, the triplets are named Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie and Chandler.


Chandler is sent to Tulsa after he falls asleep during a meeting at work.

File this under "Reasons to stay awake during a work meeting." Chandler dozes during a meeting and then inadvertently agrees to go to Tulsa for work. He probably should've had more caffeine that morning!


The friends check on Ugly Naked Guy by constructing a poking device?

Believing Ugly Naked Guy to be dead, the friends make a giant poking device in order to reach across to his apartment and check on him. The device is constructed with chopsticks.


Joey got an acting job playing Dr. Drake Ramoray on "General Hospital."

False! Joey's acting job was indeed that of Dr. Drake Ramoray, but it was for NBC's "Days of Our Lives." "Friends" eventually killed Ramoray off by having him fall down an elevator shaft. Yikes!


Bruce Willis guest stars as the dad of one of Ross' students.

The "Die Hard" star does show up on "Friends." He plays Elizabeth's dad. Elizabeth is the student Ross dates in season six. As you can imagine, he doesn't like Ross dating his daughter.


Monica couldn't write her own name until she was 13.

Monica may have been a slow learner, but writing her own name wasn't the problem in question. Instead, she had difficulty telling time and couldn't do it until she was 13 years old.


To help herself get over Richard, Monica makes a ton of candy.

Many of us resort to cooking or baking in times of stress and Monica was no different. But, instead of making candy to help herself get over Richard, she found herself making tons of jam.


Carol, Ross' first wife, leaves because he cheated on her.

Carol leaves Ross, but not for the reason given in the clue. Instead, she leaves Ross because she likes women, not men. Ross is left with nothing, not even the good TV, as Joey and Chandler note.


"Mrs. Whiskerson" is the name of the hairless cat Rachel buys for $1,000.

Rachel takes a liking to Mrs. Whiskerson because it reminds her of a cat that her grandmother used to own. However, later, Rachel discovers the cat is not super friendly and eventually sells it to Gunther.


Ross gives Phoebe a bike because she never had one as a child.

After Phoebe admits she never had a bike as a child, Ross buys her one — complete with a basket and tassels. He also takes her to the park to try to teach her how to ride. We loved your pink helmet, Phoebs!


Monica was, by far, the messiest of all of the friends.

You wouldn't have to watch many episodes to figure out that not only was Monica the neatest of the friends but perhaps obsessively so. In one scene, she uses a handheld vacuum to clean her regular vacuum!


Ross created a comic book as a kid that he called "Dino Boy."

Close, but nope! Ross did create his own comic book as a child, but he named it "Science Boy." A prelude to his future career? Maybe! It does seem like something a future paleontologist might make.


Of all her songs, Phoebe's No. 1 hit is "Smelly Cat."

Of course, it's "Smelly Cat!" Sing it with us: "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, it's not your fault." "Smelly Cat" at Central Perk was the best!


If you were going to order the "Joey Special," you'd be ordering one pizza and one sandwich.

The "Joey Special" definitely involves pizza. But, you'd need to order two pizzas to do it properly. And, of course, then you'd need to eat both. Pass the Tums! You wouldn't be wrong if you remembered that Joey also loves sandwiches, though.


Monica was a soccer goalie during her high school days.

Monica was a goalie during high school, but for the field hockey team — not soccer. In fact, she earned a not-so-nice nickname while playing: "Big Fat Goalie." Some people were cruel about her childhood struggle with weight.


Ross claimed he learned the meaning of the word "unagi" while taking karate lessons.

Ross tells the friends that they need the power of "unagi," which he describes as a state of total awareness. He continues by explaining that he learned this while taking karate. "Unagi," however, is actually a type of eel.


Rachel was supposed to marry Ross in the show's first episode.

When we first meet Rachel, she is wearing a wedding gown, having just run away from her own ceremony. The jilted groom? Barry. We see her on the phone, leaving him messages as the episode progresses.


Rachel's alter ego, Regina Phalange, would appear when she or one of the friends was in a jam.

Phoebe was the one with the alter ego who went by the name Regina Phalange. The first time we meet Regina, Phoebe "becomes" her while making a phone call after Ross and Emily's wedding.


Joey pees on Monica after she is stung by a jellyfish.

Joey believes that peeing on a jellyfish sting is the only way to curtail the pain of the sting itself, but he gets stage fright and is unable to do it. It's Chander who actually pees on Monica. Incidentally, doctors say that's a myth, so don't try it at home.


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