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"If you're out on the road ... Feelin' lonely and so cold," all you have to do is take this quiz, and you'll prove you're the ultimate "Gilmore Girls" fan.

When "Gilmore Girls" debuted in 2000, people couldn't wrap their heads around the fast-talking mother-daughter duo that exploded onto their screens. There was nothing like watching hard-headed Lorelai Gilmore get talked off several edges by her even-headed 16-year-old genius of a daughter who could diffuse drama. Not to mention throwing a mother-grandmother figure into the mix, showing perspectives from three generations of Gilmores.

Whether you watched religiously from 2000 to 2007 or you binged it on Netflix (or both; we don't judge), you know this show is all about cultural references from literature, movies, TV and the news of the time. It's also about a small town that is filled with some of the most interesting and accurate small-town characters anywhere on TV. 

If you know all of that, you might have a fighting chance at passing this quiz. It's all about the trues and falses of the show, the characters and the quotes you loved so much throughout the years. Do you think you have what it takes to ace this quiz? Let's find out!

When the series begins, Rory is a student at Chilton.

When the series begins, Rory is still going to Stars Hollow High School, but she gets into Chilton. Although it's a learning experience for Rory, she ends up clawing her way to the top of the class.


Jess is Luke's son.

Jess is Luke's nephew. The troubled teen becomes kind of a bad influence on Rory. The bad boy gave fans a reason to take sides as early as season 2. You were either team Dean or team Jess, and no matter what side you were on, you didn't win.


After moving to Stars Hollow as a teen mom, Lorelai began working as a maid at the Independence Inn.

Those who remember the later seasons might think it was called the Dragonfly Inn. However, that was the name of the inn that Lorelai and Sookie built after the Independence Inn burned down.


Sookie never gets married.

When we first meet the clumsy and accident-prone Sookie, we think she is going to be a comedic foil who doesn't do much. But she becomes a big part of the show and even marries her produce guy, Jackson, and the couple have children together.


Paris and Rory become roommates at Harvard.

Paris and Rory both dream of Harvard, but things change. Rory ends up wanting to go to Yale, and Paris doesn't even get into Harvard. When she moves into Yale, Rory learns that one of her suitemates is Paris Geller.


Lorelai's dog is named Paul Anka.

Getting a dog isn't unheard of when one of your children goes off to school. Having a companion is important, so it only makes sense that Lorelai would have a dog and give it a culturally referenced name.


In season 3, Lorelai gives up coffee for good.

HAHAHA! Anyone who believes that Lorelai would give up coffee is not a "Gilmore Girls" fan. Remember, Lorelai only drinks coffee when she's having oxygen ... so, every second of every day.


Rory's dad is named Christopher.

And, yes, he has a motorcycle. Christopher is a good-intentioned young father, but he still isn't what Rory needs in a male figure. Of course, Rory doesn't technically need a male figure anyway.


Rory's best friend is Lina.

Rory's best friend comes from Stars Hollow, and her name is Lane Kim. Lane's mom is very strict, so Lane hides music and clothing from her in order to express herself.


When Rory first attends Chilton, the boys call her Mary because she's a goody-goody.

Rory doesn't quite get the reference, and Lorelai has to explain it to her. However, when she becomes sick of correcting those who call her Mary, Rory screams at the top of her lungs in Tristan's ear: "It's Rory!"


Emily is Rory's grandmother.

When we first meet Emily Gilmore, we think she is uptight and snotty. As the seasons progress, we learn that she really does love her daughter and granddaughter, despite Lorelai's constant pulling away from her.


Lorelai is named after her father's mother.

While Rory is also named Lorelai, Lorelai is named after someone else. Richard Gilmore's mother was also named Lorelai Gilmore. The family name was very prestigious and showed a respect for the bloodline.


Lane's band was called "She's Got Punk."

Mrs. Kim didn't necessarily approve of Lane's band, Hep Alien, but Lane was happy and didn't mind living the garage life, as long as she got to live her dream. That is, until she was married and had children.


Before it was a diner, Luke's used to be a gas station.

Luke's Diner wasn't always a diner, but it was never a gas station. When Luke's father owned the place, it was a hardware store. After his father's death, Luke turned it into a small diner.


In season 1, Lorelai marries one of Rory's teachers.

Max Medina is played by Scott Cohen. He falls in love with Lorelai, and the two hit it off. They even get engaged ... for a little bit. But Lorelai gets cold feet in a frustrating episode that tears the audience apart.


Luke doesn't allow cell phones in his diner.

Even going as far as avoiding to get Wi-Fi for his customers, Luke was old school, even back then. He hated when people spoke on their phones instead of enjoying their meals and talking to each other.


Rory and Logan steal a yacht together.

Sometimes, you just want to live the life of a spoiled, bored rich kid. When Lorelai goes to pick her up from jail, it's clear that she's worried, but angry at the same time. For a girl who doesn't get into trouble, Rory picks some big ones.


Luke has a child he doesn't know about.

"Jumping the shark" is common in later seasons of a show, and sometimes, audiences don't mind. Luke finds out he has a daughter when he meets April Nardini later in the series. She is a bookworm who wants to get to know her dad.


Alex Borstein plays Sookie throughout the show.

While you can see cameos of Alex Borstein throughout the show (as the harpist and the dress lady for Emily Gilmore), it is Melissa McCarthy who made that role what it was. Though she's a little clumsy, everyone loves her.


Rory broke into the headmaster's office at Chilton to join a secret club.

Rory sits at a lunch table, not knowing it is full of members of a secret society, the Puffs. She is invited to join, and as her initiation, she has to break into the headmaster's office.


Luke's sister's name is Lana.

We first meet Luke's sister later in the series, but when we do meet her, we realize why Jess is staying with Luke. Liz (not Lana) is a free spirit who likes to travel around and live off what is provided for her step by step.


Luke's last name is Wayans.

Diner owner Luke Danes is Lorelai Gilmore's No. 1 love interest. While Lorelai is smart enough to see Luke nervously attempting to ask her out, she doesn't act upon it, and the two don't date until season 4.


Stars Hollow's most active citizen is Taylor Doose.

Taylor Doose runs the town's meetings, is always on Luke to get involved and wants nothing more than for Stars Hollow to be a huge tourist attraction. He also owns the grocery store and ice cream shop in town.


Luke and Lorelai first kiss at Yale.

Lorelai and Luke's first kiss takes place at the Dragonfly Inn. During the soft opening, they kiss near the front door, making audiences cheer that it finally happened!


During season 1, Paris Geller's parents are in the middle of a divorce.

Paris Geller is constantly a nervous wreck. At first, she is portrayed as a mean girl at Chilton, but when we learn that her parents are going through a messy and publicized divorce, we start to realize she is being a bully so that she can stop being bullied.


Richard Gilmore had annual lunches with his ex-girlfriend, and Emily didn't know about it.

Pennilyn Lott sounds like an appropriate name for a high-class woman, but what she did was quite inappropriate. After learning about the secret lunches, Emily was ready to divorce Richard.


Michel Gerard teaches Rory how to play golf.

Richard Gilmore, Rory's grandfather, is the one who teaches Rory to play golf. He doesn't want to bring the teen to the club but ends up having an exceptionally good time hanging out with her.


Lorelai tells Max that the way to impress her is 10,000 purple tulips.

It's actually 1,000 yellow daisies, and Max delivers. However, we soon learn that any man who gives Lorelai exactly what she asks will be dumped shortly after. It may be frustrating for audiences, but it's also relatable.


Dean ends up marrying Sherry Tinsdale.

Dean actually ends up marrying Lindsay Lister. Lindsay does her best to be the perfect housewife, but Dean just cannot be pleased. He ends up cheating on her with Rory, causing a rift between Lorelai and Rory.


Emily Gilmore buys Rory beaded bracelets for her 16th birthday.

Emily Gilmore is all about extravagance and making sure everything she says and does is socially acceptable. She offers to buy Rory a car for her 16th birthday, but Lorelai turns it down, and instead, Emily buys bracelets for the teen.


Rory receives two dozen sunflowers during the Small Business Celebration in Stars Hollow.

There is no such thing as the Small Business Celebration in Stars Hollow. Although the town has a lot of small events, celebrations and memorials, it does not recognize small businesses that way.


Jess writes and self-publishes a book titled "The Subsect."

His book was titled "The Subsect," and Rory is incredibly impressed with Jess' accomplishments. Although Jess has a pretty rocky start on the show, he ends up getting ahead in life, as we all wanted him to do.


Rory meets Logan Huntzberger in a journalism class at Yale.

Rory first encounters Logan while she's getting coffee with Marty in the courtyard at Yale. Logan comes off as rich and assuming but not necessarily as a jerk. In fact, he tells his friend Colin not to be mean to Marty.


Kirk's girlfriend is named Lula.

Kirk becomes a recurring character on the show we all love to watch because we never know what's going to be up to next. Kirk works about 25 jobs, and saves his money. He begins dating a girl, not named Lula, but Lulu.


Vince Neil of Motley Crue plays a member of Lane's band.

The guitarist named Gil is actually played by Sebastian Bach. He was the lead singer of '80s rock band Skid Row. Though his acting skills leave a little to be desired, it was nice to see him jamming with the kids.


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