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While most people can name some of the biggest industrial countries in the world, few realize that there are 195 countries out there, and you probably haven't even heard of many of them. These countries are on various continents, have some very interesting names and are rather obscure, because they don't necessarily export a lot and they generally just keep to themselves. Few of these countries get involved in wars, and some of them are so new you may not even recognize their names.

Whether you consider yourself a geography whiz or you simply like to look up hilarious names for countries that are out there, this quiz is definitely for you. We're going to take you around the world and point at some really interesting countries. If you know where they are or how to find them on a map, you will pass this quiz with flying colors.

It might seem pretty easy, but you may just be pulling your hair out by the end of this quiz. Don't worry — if you can simply tell us where to find 17 of the countries that we found, we'll be incredibly impressed. After all, some of the best geographers out there probably have no idea where some of these countries are. 

Oman is a coastal country that can be found where in the world?

Officially known as the Sultanate of Oman, this Arab country is found bordering Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Surrounded by the turmoil in the Middle East, the government of Oman is a monarchy with a parliamentary system.


The country of Chad might be named after your friend, but do you know where it is?

Although we don't often hear much about the Republic of Chad outside of political unrest, it's a relatively large country that is mostly desert landscape. It has a population of close to 15 million people, despite its climate.


Can you guess where Indonesia is?

The Republic of Indonesia is a country made up of over 17,000 islands and is considered the largest island country in the world. It is right between Thailand and Australia, sitting between the Indian and Pacific oceans.


Where can you find Nauru, the smallest country that is not a city-state?

Nauru holds the record for being the smallest in many different ways. First, it is the smallest island country on the planet. Next, it is the smallest republic, and finally, it is the smallest country that is not owned or governed by another country.


Also known as Burma, Myanmar can be found where?

Myanmar has a rich religious history. Although Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country, it has a very diverse population. Living in this small country, you can find over 100 ethnic groups.


On which continent would you find North Macedonia?

Once a part of Yugoslavia, North Macedonia is situated on the Balkan Peninsula in Europe. It declared its independence in 1991, making it one of the younger countries you can find on a world map.


Guyana is a pretty small country, but it has a coastline where?

Guyana is an English-speaking country that can be found in northern South America. While the majority of the country is covered in rainforest, the capital city has a lot of beautiful architecture.


Can you tell us where the landlocked country of Mali is?

You may not hear a lot about Mali, but it is the eighth-largest country in Africa (by square miles). It's a relatively young country, as over 2/3 of the population is under the age of 30.


Where in the world is Papua New Guinea?

There may be a lot of active volcanoes in Papua New Guinea, but there are also gorgeous coastlines with beautiful coral reefs. It is a destination for any world travelers who love the ocean and beaches.


Bhutan might have a name that looks odd to English speakers, but where can you find this country?

This small South Asian country is home to epic landscape changes that include mountainous areas and plains. It is best known as a Buddhist kingdom that houses some of the most beautiful monasteries in the world.


If you know where most of the -stan countries are located, can you tell us where we can find Kyrgyzstan?

It might be a mouthful to say, but Kyrgzstan has a very mountainous landscape as well as over 6 million people in its population. It is surrounded by other countries that end in -stan, so if you're not a geography expert, it can be a little confusing to remember exactly where it is.


On which continent is Moldova?

Once known as the Soviet Republic, Moldova sits between Ukraine and Romania. It is filled with Soviet architecture and historical sites, museums and artwork. Those who travel to eastern Europe cannot forget to add this to their itineraries.


Where can you find Tunisia?

While Africa itself has a lot of history, Tunisia holds much of the world's history in its museums. Not only will you find archaeological exhibits in the Bardo Museum there, you will also see Islamic art and work from the early Romans.


Can you tell us where to find Estonia?

Many don't realize that Estonia used to be a part of the Soviet Union until 1991. While you may know that Estonia is on the Gulf of Finland, you may not realize that the country is home to over 1,000 islands.


If you're looking at a map, how would you find Belize?

On the Caribbean Sea, you will find several smaller countries, but Belize is connected to Central America, just north of Guatemala. Not only is Belize beautiful, it has a lot of history and is home to Mayan ruins.


Venezuela is a little more well-known, but do you know where it is?

Although we rarely think of Venezuela as a rich country, it does have a lot of exports that are worth a lot of money around the world. As a matter of fact, in the early 1900s, oil wells were discovered, making Venezuela the owners of some of the world's largest reserves.


Do you know where the country of Togo is?

When you think of Africa, you probably think mostly of ancient archaeological sites and desert landscape. Togo is the kind of country that can prove you wrong. It is considered a tourist destination and includes cultural and historical sites.


It might be difficult to say "Djibouti," but do you think you know where this country is?

If you're looking for the saltiest bodies of water in the world, you need look no further than Djibouti. This small East African country has gorgeous landscapes and interesting outdoor activities.


Which sea makes up the coastline of Eritrea?

Sharing borders with Ethiopia and Sudan, Eritrea can be found just north of the Horn of Africa, making it situated directly on the Red Sea. For a smaller country, it has a population of nearly 4.5 million people.


Where will you find the island country of Cyprus?

Although it lies in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is considered a Middle Eastern country. It can be found off the coasts of Lebanon and Turkey, and though it is large, it is only the third-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.


Can you tell us where to find the small country of Qatar?

Qatar might be near the most ancient civilizations in the world, but it is definitely a place of the future. The skyscrapers are done in gorgeous modern and futurist architectural styles, calling tourists from around the world.


The Gambia has a small Atlantic coastline, but do you know where it is?

The Gambia may be small, but it is home to wildlife reserves and national parks that help protect some of Africa's most precious wildlife. Kiang West National Park has diverse habitats for all of its animals.


If you know that Fiji is made up of 300 islands, do you think you can guess which ocean it's in?

When you think of paradise, chances are you are imagining one of the many beaches that rests on an island in Fiji. A popular tourist destination, the islands of Fiji are peppered throughout the South Pacific.


There are several small European countries. Can you tell us where Latvia is?

Those who are looking for the best of both worlds should make a stop in Latvia during their European vacation. The country is full of lush forests and beautiful beaches that line the Baltic Sea.


Where would someone find Slovenia?

Mountains, lakes, valleys and forests are just a few of the scenic areas you will find in Slovenia. Additionally, this country has some gorgeous classic architecture surrounding its historical and natural sites.


Do you know which continent Suriname is on?

If you were a geography expert back in the day, you may know Suriname as Dutch Guiana. These days, it is considered one of the most diverse countries in South America, as it is home to Indians, Javanese and descendants of African slaves.


Where on the map would one find Malawi?

When compared to other African countries, Malawi is actually pretty small, but it has a lot of great reasons to visit. Not only are the people there considered some of the nicest in the world, but its freshwater lake is also one of the most beautiful on the planet.


Where in Africa is Burundi?

The Republic of Burundi is might not be in international news every day, but it does have quite the economy. The country produces tea and coffee, earning it a higher revenue than many other African countries.


On which body of water does Benin have a coastline?

Once known as Dahomey, Benin is considered to be one of the most stable democracies in Africa. If you look at the shape of the country, you will see it's a little odd, but has perfect access to the Atlantic.


The Northern Mariana Islands can be found where?

This island country is officially known as the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. That can be a mouthful, so most people just call it the Northern Mariana Islands. The country is known for its beautiful views and interesting history.


Haiti shares an island with which country?

Haiti is considered to be one of the most visited Caribbean countries. Tourists flock there for its beautiful views, great people and unique food. These tourists helped to build the country's economy over the years.


Where are The Bahamas?

Just south of Florida, you can find the Bahamas. The country is well-known for its perfect tropical weather all year, and boasts a solid tourist economy that attracts more and more people every year.


Czechia, or the Czech Republic, was founded in 1993. Where is it?

Once a part of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic (also known as Czechia) has some of the most beautiful European landscapes available. This country is rich in European history as it lies directly in the center of the continent.


Where would you find the island country of Maldives?

When it comes to tropical vacations and outdoor sports, tourists love to visit the Maldives. This country is picturesque and offers travelers a way to engage in their journey, instead of passively watching the waves roll by.


On which body of water would you find United Arab Emirates?

Those who have never been to the Middle East might not realize that there are some very modern and even futuristic cities available for tourists. In UAE, you can find Dubai and Abu Dhabi, cities that are gorgeous and ahead of their time.


Do you know where Malaysia is?

Although you may not hear a lot about Malaysia, it has a booming economy. The tourist economy enjoys gorgeous cities and vast beaches while the financial economy has become a power player in the world market.


Can you tell us where we might find Bangladesh?

If you're looking for the longest sea beach in the world, you need look no further than Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar. This beach is well-known for its stunning views and wonderful people.


Cameroon is on which continent?

If you've never heard of Cameroon, it's time to find out a bit more. The African country has a booming agricultural center that produces everything from bananas to coffee to cotton.


Where would you find the country of Guinea-Bissau?

In West Africa, you can find a lot of smaller countries, and most of them have great tourist attractions such as beautiful beaches and landscapes. However, Guinea-Bissau has a little more sordid history, as it attracted South American drug lords as a stop for deliveries to Europe.


Do you know which country completely encircles the country of Lesotho?

Also known as the Kingdom of Lesotho, this landlocked country is well known for its near-perfect mountain view and beautiful countrysides. The interesting thing about Lesotho is that it is completely surrounded by another country: South Africa.


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