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Everyone remembers their favorite video game or video game experience. You probably have a favorite character or part that sticks with you throughout your life. Just as in movies, the stories of games can make you think and feel a certain way. Gamers just prefer to be part of the story rather than to watch it all unfold! If you think you're the ultimate fan of some of the best action games ever made, then this is the quiz for you.

In games, you spend a lot of time with whoever the main character is. You most likely play as them and take part in their story. Through them, you meet all kinds of people, from supporting characters to villains and NPCs that don't do much other than give you a tiny bit of information. It's hard to imagine a video game world where no one existed. If you think you've played your fair share of action games, then we'll have to test your memory! The characters are just as important as the names of the games in this quiz.

Think you've got what it takes to match these iconic characters to the game they're from? If you know your main, supporting and NPC characters, then take the quiz to prove your knowledge!

In this game, you'll need to call up Agent 47. Can you name the game?

Agent 47 is not someone you would want to mess with. He knows a thing or two when it comes to being a highly-skilled assassin who deals with bad guys every day. Did you know that he makes an appearance in every single "Hitman" title? You'll never miss his action!


The royal crocodile King K. Rool is found in which wacky game?

Have you ever wondered what that mysterious "K" in King K. Rool's name stands for? It doesn't actually stand for anything! One other interesting thing about the character is that the gold parts of him are part of his armor.


Though Gordon Freeman's name sounds pretty normal, his life is far from it. Which game can you find him in?

In this second installment of the game, Gordon got the chance to become somewhat immortal thanks to being sealed away from the Earth. There are two episodes in this game, which have continuity throughout both.


Amaterasu is a god in Japan and the main character of this beautiful game. Can you name it?

"Okami" tells the beautiful story of Amaterasu, who courageously saved Japan. The goddess turns into a majestic wolf in this game to travel around the city and protect the land along with the help of a Celestial Brush.


You'll play as Wander in this unique game, but what is its name?

Did you know that this game went by a different name in Japan? It was known as "Wander of the Colossus" there, which coincides with the name of the main character. No matter the name, the story is the most important part of the game!


Andrew Ryan knows his fair share about businesses and their practices. You can find him in which video game?

While Andrew Ryan is important to the "BioShock" series, did you know that you only see him in person once? In the game, he's the man behind the city Rapture. What's unique about this is that it's entirely underwater like the city of Atlantis is said to be.


Arthur Morgan is a tough outlaw who knows his way around the American West. What game is he from?

"Red Dead Redemption II" is the second installment of the series which became an instant hit upon its release. Its open world allowed the player to have freedom in the American West to live out Arthur's story the way the player wanted to.


A hero of the Spartan people, what game is Alexios from?

Alexios is just one of the characters you can play as in this installment of "Assassin's Creed," with the other being his sister Kassandra. Both are descendants of a royal family and find themselves tasked with quite a big job.


Ellie is fortunate health-wise in this game, but do you know what the name of it is?

While in the game, you're not usually in control of Ellie, but she is still a large part of this great story. Survival is key in this world which takes place in the United States after the apocalypse. Ellie, however, is unique in that she is immune to the deadly infection.


Boolossus knows how to scare people, but do you know which game it does the scaring in?

Luigi's mansion is pretty haunted especially with the Boolossus. It gets its name from its size, since it is much larger than the other Boos that roam around. You'll know when you've met up with Boolossus because its facial features are a little different.


The main character in all of these games is known as Link, the hero of Hyrule. Which of the following games is he part of?

Link has been on many adventures throughout the many "Legend of Zelda" games that have made him a strong hero. He is most often put up against the powerful Ganon, who is the evil villain within the series.


Anya Stroud served as an informant and also a love interest of the main character. Which game will you find her in?

Anya knows her fair share about operations and battle thanks to her mother who was highly involved in it. Fearless and prepared on the frontline, she ended up marrying the main character of the game, Marcus.


The adventurous Nathan Drake is found in which of the following games?

Nathan Drake is the hero in the "Uncharted" franchise who goes far and wide to figure out the biggest mysteries in history. Each game brings a new mystery. For example, the first game was all about searching for El Dorado.


Irene Engel was part of the Nazi Party. Which action game was she in?

While Irene was a member of the Nazi Party, her daughter had much information on her mother. Out of hatred for her mother for mistreating her, she gave away her secrets. Irene eventually met her demise in the second game.


A girl in the suit of a robot, Samus was introduced to us in 1986 in what action game?

Samus is talented with her suit that allows her to do superhuman things like fire beams out of her arms. It's not easy saving the universe, but Samus' powerful suit makes it that much easier to do.


This golden assassin goes by the name Cyrax. Do you know which game he is from?

Cyrax has made an appearance in multiple versions of the famous "Mortal Kombat" series throughout the years. There's not much the Cyrax will stop at in order to win a match, so make sure to watch out for those nets!


If you've never met someone made out of swords, you will in this game. Blade Man is in which of the following games?

Blade Man is overall a pretty skilled fighter, and knows how to use his swords. He is a robot rather than a living being. His role is a smaller one within the "Mega Man" series, but he is a memorable character.


Chloe Price is one of the most important characters to this story. Which game is she part of?

Chloe was best friends with Max, who ended up having to make one of the biggest decisions of her life involving her best friend. Did you know that Chloe's license plates in the game read "TWN PKS?"


You get to play as Jill Valentine in which action-packed video game?

In Raccoon City, Jill Valentine and her partner dealt with some freaky paranormal activity. In fact, you can catch Jill in the "Resident Evil" movies as well. Her character has been in a few of the games, but most notably the first installment.


Marina teams up with another important character in this fun and colorful game. Can you name it?

Marina and Pearl are the main mascots of the second installment of this lovable game. Before them, in the original game, Callie and Marie were the main mascots. You'll have to decide which iconic duo is your favorite!


A loyal friend to the main character, Jonah Maiava also serves as a sidekick in this exciting game. What is it?

Lara Croft was lucky to have her friend Jonah accompany her in this game. Jonah has a good heart and always tries to console Lara when she needs it most. It isn't easy being a talented and adventurous archaeologist.


You'd find the curious Antonin Kvasir in which popular action game?

Antonin was a clever and intelligent character within the series. He was able to create weapons fit for his team. Despite knowing a thing or two about building firearms, he doubles as a doctor.


In this game, you'll meet Reize Seatlan along your adventure. What game do you have to play to meet him?

Shovel Knight is who you play as in this game, but you'll meet many people along the way. Reize is someone you can find in many of the "Shovel Knight" games. He almost always mistakes you for a villain, however!


Madam Broode is always there to show up and ruin your plans in which game?

Madame Broode is just one of the Broodals that challenge you in "Super Mario Odyssey." Did you know that they are wedding planners in the game? Bowser needs someone to plan while he takes over the land!


Varric is a good friend to the main character in this game known as what?

Varric, like many of the other characters in this installment of the game, appeared in other versions of the game as well. It's hard to find a better friend than Varric, which is someone you can't sweep off their feet in this game.


The main character in this game gets a little help from Enzo, who is known to help her with information. Enzo is from which video game?

Bayonetta is a sassy witch who knows how to get a job done. If you played the first installment of the game, then you know that Bayonetta had to spend half a century underground. Imagine the surprise her wake-up call must have been!


A seasoned veteran, which game would you find Cole Phelps in?

Detective Cole Phelps knows how to deal with criminals and other enemies. Cole knows a lot about many other subjects as well. Did you know that he is also a boxer at one time? It can explain where he got his discipline from.


Sometimes, King Dedede can be a great ally rather than an enemy to you. What game do you encounter him in?

King Dedede is somebody to get used to if you're ever planning to play all of the Kirby games. He makes an appearance in almost all of the games and is even a playable character in certain ones. In "Kirby's Adventure," he's someone you have to defeat.


Nora was once a lawyer, but in this game she doesn't do much within that job. Which game is it?

In "Fallout 4," Nora is just one of the two characters that you can pick. The other is her husband, Nate. No matter who you choose to play as, one of the two always ends up being killed. It truly gives new meaning to the "Sole Survivor."


Once a prisoner, Pit is a main character in which game?

"Kid Icarus" is a title that has been around since the mid-1980s. It's proven its popularity as it has brought sequels and other versions of the game to newer systems. In fact, Pit can be found in games such as "Super Smash Bros." as a fighter.


Gollum is a character in "The Lord of the Rings," but you can find a character of the same name in this game. What is it?

Live streaming is a popular way to share and enjoy games with viewers. "Dead Cells" recognizes this and that's why the development team included a way for viewers to decide the actions of the player. It's all through the live streaming site Twitch!


Notorious for hacking, Sombra is a powerful hero. Do you know what game she is from?

"Overwatch" is a game with many heroes, with Sombra being one of them. Each has their own personality and backstory, with Sombra's being that she was an orphan who is now essentially a human computer. She loves all things technology!


The Knight is known for his signature nail, but what game would you find him in?

The Knight has horns on its head that make it really stand out. Playing as the Knight, it's possible to unlock one of the many endings in the game. You'll have to try it to see how your actions affect the game!


Spyglass is someone you would meet in which game?

Spyglass is a robot and exceptional at their job. Spyglass is a wealth of knowledge and information, helping whoever they're set to go on a mission with. In the case of "Titanfall," it was important that they helped out Marcus.


A Spanish man and father of two, Eric Lecarde is a character from what game?

The first encounter with Eric comes in this exact game. His twin daughters unfortunately witnessed the death of their father, where he told them that he was happy that they were there to see it for themselves.


Nobody wants to get back at someone as much as Corvo Attano. Do you know which game he is from?

Corvo was once a respected nobleman but became shunned after an unfortunate incident. After this, he turned himself into a vigilante who knew what he had to do to get what he wanted most.


Damir knows a thing or two about health care. But which game does he take part in?

Part of a larger team, Damir is like a lifeline for his fellow teammates. Did you know that Damir was from Kazakhstan? Most of the other crew hailed from other places such as Russia. The game mostly took place in Russia, however.


You would have have to listen close in order to get Ross Fry's full name. What video game did he make an appearance in?

Ross Fry is an interesting character who has a pretty minor role in the game overall. The reason we know that Ross' name is such is because of the words spoken by another worker. Otherwise, he would only be known as "R!"


Able to create portals, what game is Wraith from?

Wraith is one cool character in Apex Legends. Using her in a team of three can give your team some awesome benefits. In a pinch? Then Wraith can create a portal for all members of the team to go through and transport themselves to a safer place.


Yuma Lau is bilingual and knows how to get a job done. What game would you find her in?

Yuma suffered an unfortunate fate at the hands of Ajay. Yuma and Ajay had some things in common, in one case, they both lost a parent. In the case of Yuma, she unfortunately lost both of her parents.


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